Balustrading, the final touches to our renovations

Yesterday afternoon, my boyfriend had called the team at Custom Balustrading Melbourne, to speak to them about their services. About a month ago, my boyfriend had come up to me with a bunch of plans that he had for our apartment. The designs were incredible and he had wanted to do this for us. He wanted the both of us to be able to come to a beautiful house, somewhere we enjoyed being. I loved everything about his ideas, and I loved him. He got straight into the renovations, finishing them all within three weeks. The place looked beautiful, completely unrecognisable to it’s previous form. The openness in the unit gave the feeling of space, which was good because it was only a small unit.

We had arranged for the team from Custom Handrails Melbourne to put the balustrades in around the edges of the top floor. From the photos I’d seen, the team at Stainless Steel Fabricator Melbourne were going to produce nothing but the best quality. My partner had managed to book in an appointment with the balustrading team for the following day. They were going to send a guy out to the house, who would be able to help us find the best option for us. My boyfriend had a style and type of balustrades in mind, but it wouldn’t hurt to hear what the professionals have to recommend. We were both very excited about the balustrading man coming to have a look at our place. It was the last step to completing our renovations and would mean our luxury apartment was complete. I couldn’t wait to throw a renovations party. I wanted to show everyone what our new place looks like.