Discovering pot holes and the wonders of asphalt repairs

I wanted to know as much as I could about asphalt before I called the repair team at Asphalt Brisbane. I had been taught by my father to learn as much about things before I did them. That meant that before I got the pot holes in my driveway filled in, I was to learn about asphalt. I had already started looking on the internet, trying to find out a lot of information about bitumen, and the different types that were available. I made myself some breakfast, set up my table and got everything ready for a morning of information finding and knowledge acquiring.

After about three hours of searching the internet for asphalt information, I decided to give up. Finding the information online was only frustrating me more. I decided the best thing to do was call the best Pot Hole Repairs Brisbane has to offer and ask them to explain things to me in simple terms. I wrote down a list of questions to ask the team at Bitumen Brisbane before making the phone call, just so I knew I would come away with all the answers I needed. I wanted to be able to confidently talk to the repair man once he arrived. I wanted to understand everything, especially how they were going to fill the holes.

Speaking to the pot hole patching team, I learnt alot. I came away with a sound knowledge of pot hole repairing and filling techniques. By the end of the phone call, I knew that the asphalt maintenance man was going to need a hot mix because of the time of year, and that I wanted the square filling. I was happy with what I’d learnt, and even happier to schedule in an appointment for a few days time.