Carpet cleaner works wonders before sisterly discussion

I walked back upstairs from the garden to find the man from Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide packing up his equipment. He had just finished steam cleaning the place and it looked fantastic. The carpets couldn’t be walked on for a few hours, nor could I sit on the couches. I would have to find something other than television to occupy my afternoon. I thanked the man from Tile and Grout Cleaners Adelaide and walked him to the front door. He told me he had a lot on today so he had to get going. I waved to the man from Adelaide Carpet Cleaning as he drove away from my freshly cleaned home. He had done a wonderful job. I was unsure of whether the stains were going to come out, but he managed to remove every one! It was almost as though my sister’s dog had never been here at all. Then I remembered. My sister was meant to arrive home last night, but I didn’t get a phone call from here, or even a text message.

When my sister finally answered my calls, she told me she was very angry with me. Apparently she thought I hadn’t even looked after her dog. I was completely insulted by my sister’s lack of trust in me. I took a few deep breaths before explaining to her that the dog was dropped home yesterday morning because it had completely trashed my house. I finished telling my sister I’d just had the cleaners through and she apologised and thanked me for my help. Some people always assumed the worst of me, for no damned reason! It annoyed me, but I forgave my sister. I can’t stay mad at her, nor can she at I.