The love of my life will be helping me clean at the end of this lease

I love my darling girlfriend more than you could ever know. I’m sure that I am not the first person to tell her that she is amazing. She must have been told that every single day of her life. She is so modest though. She is the smartest person that I have ever met. I can prove it by this one very act that she did yesterday. She gave me the number to the best end of lease cleaning Canberra company I could ever imagine, let alone find in real life. I am so glad that she did that because not only did it prove to me, yet again, how smart she is, but she will be saving us hundreds of dollars. We would have lost our deposit, or bond, when we would have left the house without getting it cleaned by the professionals. I hear that the bond cleaning Canberra guys and girls are the most professional of them all. I hear that they will be able to make this place unrecognizable if I was really trying not to look too hard the points that I recognise. I hear, my point, in the end, that they will be able professionally clean my house and get me back my bond. I want that bond; it will be used for the next bond that we are going to get, once we decide if we want this particular house. I hope that we will be able to call on the cleaning crew once more, if we decide that we want to move out of that place, or if, heavens above, we decide that we are going to get kicked out. I realise that you can’t decide that, and that it just happens. Either way, if we are leaving that place, we are going to call up the very same end of lease cleaning Canberra company that we called up for the flats right now. I think I see them coming. I am getting so excited for it all.