Waiting around for bosses confirmation of novated lease appointment

It had been a while since we were all waiting around like this. It was a fairly exciting time in my household. My mother had been offered a wonderful opportunity. Her boss had offered her a meeting with Novated Lease Gold Coast and a chance to have a new car at a discounted rate. My mother had taken in all the information that her boss had given her, and then she had come home to speak to my father about it. They were talking quietly in the kitchen while doing the dishes and cleaning up after dinner. I’d heard a word that grabbed my attention, so I walked into the kitchen. I became part of the conversation and my mother told me all about Novated Leasing. I was happy that I was old enough to understand all of this and that my parents thought I was smart enough to be included.

My mother had done her last few checks of through the Novated Lease Calculator Australia, making sure all the figures she was basing her decision off were in fact correct. Once the calculator had presented her with the numbers she wanted, she got straight online and emailed her boss. It was an email to basically say, lets get this show on the road. My mother was glowing. Her excitement was radiating off her and spreading to my father and I. The rest of the day was spent within close proximity to both the computer and the phone. If my mother was going to find out about the meeting her boss was to schedule, it would be either through phone or email. I told my mother that the boss would probably just wait until she goes into work the next day to tell her, but Mum wanted to wait by the phone. My father and I, of course, supported her, and sat by her all day.