My rubbish removal day was not gossip worthy, Mother!

I hadn’t really thought about the aftermath, about what my mother was going to say to the rest of my family. I sort of expected her to keep this whole thing between us, but then again, this was a pretty conversation-worthy event. My mother had arrived at my house to surprise me. She had wanted to talk about something, which I never found out what, but walked into a house full of rubbish – literally. The piles were head height and the only way to get through my house was to follow the pathways, clearly mapped out with garbage. Mum had lost the plot, gone bonkers, started yelling, screaming, kicking and punching. I’d never seen so much anger come out of her. She had gotten on the phone to Rubbish Removal Canberra and made the arrangements for them to come and clear out my home. She told the team at Deceased Estate Clearance Canberra that it was urgent, so they managed to drop by that afternoon. I was really happy that the guys from Garden Waste Canberra were cleaning out my home. Watching them sure was an eyeopener. I realised a lot about myself that day and vowed to make a change. I hadn’t considered the gossip that would now spread through the family.

I knew that my mother had told people in the family, purely from the comments they were making. My mother denied telling anyone and people always denied knowing what I was talking about. I couldn’t stand the thought of my mother gossiping about me. Even if she needed to vent, she should have kept it between her and Dad – if anyone! It seemed everyone in the family knew, and was making a joke of me, so I decided to stop seeing them for a while.